Tour Type

8 Hours

Group Size

6 People


$225 per person

  • About the Package
  • Includes all bait, tackle, and fishing gear

What to expect on a normal day in the powerboat  You will get a phone call from me the day before the trip to confirm a launch location and time to meet the next day. Typically we meet around daylight, but when fishing a tide-affected fishery, I look at tide times more than anything. When we meet the following day, the boat will be clean and ready to go. You will then load your belongings into a cooler or backpack, and I highly recommend something waterproof. Once everything is loaded up, we will head out for a day fishing. When we get back, I will clean and put your catch in high-quality ziplock bags for you to transport back home. A cooler is a great option to transport the fish you caught, especially during the summer months. 


    Check all that apply:


    what do i bring?
    – Warm Clothes and Waterproof Clothing– Valid Fishing License – Hand Warmers – Sunscreen – Ice Chest to Transport Catch– Lunch– Beverage
    What is the age requirement?

    I do not have an age limit on my boat. If you feel your young one is ready for a fishing trip, I will do everything I can to make it a pleasant experience for them.

    Do you provide life vests?

    I provide life vests for everyone; however, I am OK if you wish to bring your own. Some life vests are more comfortable than others, and many fishers will want to have a fitted vest for a full day of fishing. If you are over 16, I can bring you an inflatable life vest if you request it. For anyone 12 or younger, they will need to wear a life jacket at all times. I do provide kid-sized life vests as well.

    What do we do with our catch?

    At the end of the day, I will fleet your fish and put them in high quality ziplock bags for transporting home.



    Tour Type


    Group Size

    1-2 People



    • About the Package
    • Includes all bait, tackle, and fishing gear (does not include waders)

    What to expect on a normal day in the Pontoon boat

    I will contact you in the evening, the day before our trip. When I’m fishing in the pontoon, the river conditions can change drastically in a day, so I like to have as much time as possible to decide where our best fishing opportunity will be the next day. I also often base that on how the day of fishing went before yours. My goal is to always be in the best place to get you onto fish.

    On the morning of the trip, we will meet at the chosen location for our day on the water. If the river we are fishing that day does not have a shuttle service, you will follow me to the put-in and launch the boat. We will both drive to the take-out point, leave my truck and trailer there and use your vehicle to go back up the river to the pontoon and begin our day of fishing.

    After we wrap up our fishing day, we head back to the take-out, load up, and then I will drive you back to your vehicle. Expect to dress warmly on these trips, and you will want waders of some type. Rubber boots will get you by but are not the best option. Hip boots can be purchased for around $50 that will do an excellent job for the day. If you want to get chest wards, you can usually find a decent set for not much more than $100. I always recommend hand warmers for these trips as well. I take safety very seriously and provide my customers with a self-inflating life vest on these trips. If for some reason, you went into the water, the vest will ensure your safety. I will clean your catch and put it in high-quality ziplock bags at the end of the day.


      Check all that apply:


      What do I Bring?
      – Warm Clothes and Rain Coat – Waders or Wading Boots (Rubber boots will work but are not the best)– Hand Warmers– Valid Fishing License – Lunch – Beverage
      What physical condition do I need to be in?

      These trips often require us to get out of the boat and walk along the river banks. Some of the boat launches or take-outs are on steep inclines and can be difficult to get to. 

      Do you provide waders?

      I do not provide waders. You can get hip boots that are pretty in expensive or if you want to get chest waders you can find a pair starting at about $100.

      do you provide life vests?

      I provide everyone with a self-inflations life vest. These are comfortable to wear all day and if something bad were to happen you will be glad you have it on. 

      Is there an age requirement?

      I do not have an age requirement for the pontoon. Being able to cast and get out of the boat on your own is a must.