Summer Steelhead, Ocean Salmon, and Trophy Sturgeon

Summer Steelhead

This Summer we seem to have a strong run of Steelhead showing up. While targeting Salmon in the Columbia River and its tributaries for Salmon we lucked into quite a few bonus Steelhead. Late June and July is the best time to catch these silver bullets. In the Columbia River I anchor the boat on points in the river that these fish have to swim around. This puts our gear in front of as many fish as possible which results in more fish in the box! If you are looking for a more active fishery I will also be spending some time in the Lewis river chasing these fish. Here I like to side drift small bait of cured salmon eggs or small pieces of shrimp. When you get a bite the rod is in your hands and I like to describe it as feeling like a rubber band is on the end of the line, then a fish jumps out of the water and you know you have em on! It is rare that these fish don’t jump. This style of fishing requires a lot of casting throughout the day. On a typical day I fish almost the entire river so its a constant change of scenery.

Ocean Salmon and Trophy Sturgeon

We are forecasted to get around 1 Million Coho Salmon back the the Columbia River this year. That is a HUGE number of fish. Our first crack at them is in the Ocean during the summer months. The last few years the Ocean Salmon fishing has been great. With a run this size coming back it could be down right insanity! My preferred bait of choice in the Ocean is an Anchovy. Spin one of them behind a Diver or a 360 rotating flasher and you have a deadly combination for catching these fish.
If the Ocean isn’t your thing, or you just want to have the most fun of your life in a boat Sturgeon fishing is for you. This is arguably the best fishing the Columbia River has to offer, yet it gets the least amount of pressure out side of the very few keeper days we get. These fish are big, prehistoric and pull like a freight train. Often these fish come flying out of the water showing you their entire body multiple times throughout the fight. You may also be thinking about the huge rod, big reel and deep water to catch these fish. Well in the estuary of the Columbia River its rare that I fish deeper than 20 feet, most of the time 2 – 8 feet of water. This makes catching an 8 foot fish a whole different ball game. If you are looking for something to get the family together, take customers or co workers out of just have fun with friends this is something you need to try.

Recent Catches

Stephanie came all of the way from Pennsylvania to check Sturgeon off of her bucket list. This was just one of over 30 fish landed that day!
This is what a typical day of Ocean Salmon fishing looks like. Smiles and limits of fish!


Open Dates

Summer Steelhead
1st – 4th – 4 seats
6th – 4 seats
9th – 4 seats
10th – 4 seats
12th – 4 seats
13th – 3 seats
17th – 4 seats
Ocean Salmon and Catch and Release Sturgeon
21-31 – 6 seats
3rd – 6 seats
4th – 3 seats
7th – 11th – 6 seats